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A new generation of OPC-16 added 16 kinds of minerals, trace elements, add more comprehensive effect stronger!

Main effects: super antioxidant, anti-wrinkle Blemish prevent aging, improve the immune capacity, purify the blood, remove free radicals, cell trace element supplement, skin whitening, anti-allergic.

The main ingredients: Noni (Noni Fruit): Also known as "enzyme king"; Resvertrol (resveratrol); Red Wine Extract (red wine extract); Bilberry Extract (bilberry extract); Lycopene (Lycopene) ; 16 kinds of minerals and trace elements; vitamin C

The world's cutting-edge technology - isotonic isobaric (Isotonic)

American Nutrition Center for Scientific Research through high-tech, the molecular OPC-16 product is made very small, small enough to only five thousand of red blood cells. It can quickly dissolve in body fluids to form osmotic pressure and small intestine to absorb nutrients as selective. Thus, after it enters the body, the body does not need to consume energy to digest, directly into the cells, blood in the human body. 100% absorbed by the body. After taking OPC-16, 3 分钟 body can feel the process of detoxification.

Targeted effect

US OPC-16 can accurately direct the lesion site, three minutes can feel the efficacy of the product, will be able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier 20 minutes direct effect on the brain central nervous system, and maintained in vivo efficacy for up to 72 hours. Achieve three unique effect: preventing free radical production; capture and eliminate free radicals; repair free radical damage generated.

Oxidized iron will rust, oxidation of the people will get sick!

Let us know what is radical.

Oxidation everywhere: cut apple yellowing, brittle hardened rubber, bare metal rusty ... damage its cells and tissues is a source of pathogenic.

Terrible radicals: smoke a pipe can produce one million free radicals. Heyikoujiu can produce 800,000 radicals. Eat a fried food can produce 10 million free radicals. Used once, quality cosmetic can produce one million free radicals. Free radicals are the best partner disease, radical opens the door to disease.

To sum up, free radicals harm the human body the following three aspects:

First: make cell membrane is damaged, leading directly into the cytoplasm of bacteria and viruses cause cell peroxidation and reduce immune function.

Second: the destruction of the human body enzyme systems; protein peroxidation happened; so many of the body's loss of biological activity of enzymes and hormones, skin wrinkles, dull moist and lose elasticity, premature aging.

Third: destroy the body's collagen, elastin fibers and connective tissue, serious injury, the most important human genetic material - gene DNA, causing mutations that lead to cancer, cancer and other malignant diseases.


l on an empty stomach, do not eat after taking over 30 minutes, do not drink sugary drinks, on an empty stomach is recommended before going to sleep or the morning after;

l 2 times a day, with 60ml warm water (50 ℃ -60 ℃), 3 grams each time on an empty stomach;

l the first time using this service, the first week of every six grams, after each 3 g;

l adjuvant therapy: once a day, every 6 grams, three months for a course;


Better response is to improve the process of constitution, a deep response from the sub-health gradually dizzy healthy and produced no side effects, the symptoms disappear for a while.