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1, the product is very suitable for people over 25 years old to use. (With age, people have a systematic change in body tissues, such as: obesity, abdominal obesity, muscle relaxation, decalcification, no strength, decreased immune function, these are recognized as growth hormone deficiency clinical syndrome ).

2, insomnia, menopausal syndrome.

3, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, muscle strain.

4, prostatic hypertrophy.

5, heart disease, high blood pressure, cerebral thrombosis and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, heart failure.

6, cerebral palsy, Alzheimer's disease, asthma.

7, diabetes, liver disease, stomach problems, leukemia adjuvant therapy.

8, surgery, trauma, burns, facial plastic surgery, old fracture patients.


US Pharmacopoeia grade HGH (human growth hormone), Pharmaceutical grade vitamins, USP grade sodium citrate, water, food grade ethanol, liver activity factor, insulin-like growth factor, epidermal growth factor.


Enhance immunity.

Improve heart, lung, kidney function.

Improve vision.

Recovery dense bone structure, so that the joints stronger.

Help rapid wound healing.

Get through the fallopian tubes.

Eliminate wrinkles.

White hair black hair.

Improve skin color, thickness and flexibility.


Product Features:

The use of high technology products extracted from natural plant super-concentrated HGH ingredients that can efficiently and quickly absorbed by the oral mucosa, directly transported to the pituitary gland to promote the sustained growth hormone secretion, promote cell division, repair and activation of already aging and damaged organs and tissues, so as to restore normal function.


Spray directly on the sublingual, buccal one minute after the swallow.

A) 25 years of age the amount of routine health care: 1 bottle (3 times a day, every 2-3 spray); and after the second bottle (1-2 times a day, every 1-2 spray). Long-term use or 4-6 months that is used five days, stopping two days, or once every three months, stop a month, can achieve varying degrees of young, healthy, high quality of life every year.

B) the acute phase, critically ill patients: In the case of traditional treatment with little success, used once every hour, every 1-2 spray, depending on the symptoms, the interval to extend the use of 1 every 2-3 hours, gradually over to 3 times a day, every 2-3 spray.

C) in chronic phase patients: 1-3 bottles, 3 times a day, every 2-3 spray bottle and after the fourth, 1-2 times a day, every 1-2 spray. Reductions required before at least once every three months after use.

D) 90% of patients with major symptoms disappear after 3 to each spray, spray in 30ml cold water thoroughly shaken, in multiple sublingual.

E) the amount of children in half, use the method above.

F) Children under 3 years of age (especially colds, cough person) may be a spray product spray nozzle on the transparent cover, add cold water, then rinse minutes once and twice for 1-2 minutes. Symptoms improved after disabled.

Net content: 30ml / bottle

The effect of testimony:

It can rapidly improve sleep quality, improve strength, improve mood, improve sexual function and so on.

The following is the effect within six months of testimony:

The first two days 83.5% of patients and appeared deep sleep.

The first three days of physical enhancement, improved fatigue, shiny complexion, rosy.

Week 1 moist skin, hair loss reduction, enhanced sexual function, female dry sense of relief, appetite, energy, wound healing, local edema, visual promotion, fat reduction.

The first one month increase memory, hair growth, hair black, stain fades and disappears, shallow deep facial wrinkles, plump, wrinkles gradually disappear. Fade age spots, reduce abdominal fat, some women menopause restore menstruation; enhance immunity. Intractable migraine, hypertension, dizziness symptoms, reduce pain, rheumatism, lumbar muscle strain.

The first two months to further reduce fat, improved digestion, liver, stomach get more thoroughly improved muscle paralysis recoverable portion, fatty liver disappeared.

Further enhance the effect of the first three months or more, or reach the slower pace of improvement gentle, deep restoration process is still underway, organ function continues to improve.

The first four months significantly improved skin texture, shiny, moist, delicate, resilient, stain disappears, some age spots can fade, wrinkle further subsided, bust enlargement, abdominal circumference decreased, remodeling remains charming body. Blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar remained normal. Significant improvement in vision, regeneration brunette, pain disappeared, better exercise tolerance, optimistic spirit in a stable state.

The first 5-6 months increased muscle growth rate in the absence of movement of 8.8%, without dieting drink can in case of HGH, six months after the reduction of 14.4% fat, so you back in time, youth representation.

What is HGH?

HGH is a hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary gland under the brain, HGH secretion cells called Somatotrophes. 50% of the anterior pituitary cells are Somatotrophes. It is the largest hormone is secreted HGH, HGH is secreted when, to enter the blood, and then be absorbed by the liver, the liver and then transfer into a different growth hormone to a variety of biochemical role which insulin-like growth factor type 1 (IGF-l) most important; every organ in the body's growth and development, we need a variety of HGH and growth hormone. HGH is secreted in accordance with changes to the biological clock; to night secretion Up (11:00 PM to I: 00AM). Many other factors can also stimulate the secretion of HGH, like exercise, stress, emotion, excitement and hunger, including dieting and the like; and obesity, and free fatty acids and sugar can inhibit its secretion. HGH secretion decreases with age, from 21 to 31 years later, every ten years decreased by 14%, so that only half the young age of 60; the fifth is only 80 years old when he was young.

HGH secretion decreases with age for two reasons:

l, when the body IGF-l lower when the signal will be sent to the pituitary gland, it secrete more HGH, the feedback loop from the body function decline with age.

2. HGH secretion by the impact of two hormones secreted by the hypothalamus Hypothalamus adjusted under the brain: a) Growth Hormone releasing Hormone (GHRH): stimulate HGH secretion. The concentration of the same lifetime. b) Somatostatin (SKIF): inhibit the secretion of HGH, there are daily band of reduction, then that is the secretion of HGH peak band, but this Somatostatin increases with age, so that HGH secretion gradually weakened.

Why do we need growth hormone HGH supplement?

In the peak of human development (teens to twenties), growth hormone secretion reached a peak. As the body into adulthood, growth hormone secretion decreased year by year, after thirty years, declined 14 percent per decade, to the age of eighty, about growth hormone secretion in vivo age of only twenty five percent. With the decrease in vivo growth hormone secretion, the body gradually into the aging state, decreased immunity, increased fat, cardiovascular and liver and lung function decreased, loose skin wrinkles, loose bones prone to fractures. In recent years, white-collar workers in the United States in these countries, growth hormone supplement health has become a fashion, it has been described as one can reverse aging invisible plastic surgery. According to the American Academy of Anti-Aging Institute for International Health Research report published in a number of world-renowned academic journals, including the world-renowned "New England Journal of Medicine" (New England Journalof Medicine) clinical data, human growth hormone supplement health function It has extensive and far-reaching regulation. In the United States Dr.Cass Terry clinical trials, there is an average of six months after the use of growth hormone younger 10-20 year-old record. Any person in their youth have standards, slim, shiny and elastic skin; stamina and amazing memory. With age, the inevitable emergence waist wide-body fat, skin loses its elasticity and luster, wrinkles, memory that is physical decline. After years of research scientists proved that: reduce the body's own hormones endocrine fundamental reason.

Human aging can be reversed? This piece looks unnatural thing, through continuous research and "American Nutrition Science Research Center," prove it can be done. It has long been believed that aging is a natural process occurring, is an irresistible natural law, anti always contrary to natural law. After continuous research scientists are changing the concept of aging is inevitable. Scientists have proposed is not a natural physiological process of aging, but in fact is a new concept of a disease. Since aging is a disease, you should be able to cure and prevention. Daily-HGH (human growth hormone) is currently the world's best of the best reverse aging products.