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Main effects: antioxidant, purify the blood, remove free radicals, skin whitening, anti-allergy

Oxidized iron will rust, oxidation of the people will get sick!

Using high-tech isotonic isobaric technology

Refers isotonic osmotic pressure, etc. nutrients or minerals containing solution is a body fluid and the osmotic pressure of the body is the same. Low solubility of the substance, the body's absorption efficiency is low. Beneficial nutrients in isotonic state is most easily absorbed by the body, especially in the like state under osmotic pressure, nutrients can break through the blood brain barrier and quickly act on the brain blood vessels and improve blood vessel health Human digestive process: eat things go through the stomach, the stomach will eat ground into a paste, to the duodenum, bile secretion of various digestive juices by the liver and pancreas work, duodenum, will food further digestion, the small intestine can absorb things go, then nutrients can be absorbed. Intestinal membrane is a semipermeable membrane capable of selectively let liquid through, rather than through any substance. Both inside and outside the cell is filled with liquid, if the concentration of the liquid is not the same inside and outside the cell membrane, then water will be transferred from place to hypertonic hypotonic place, such as: multi-cellular water, was hypotonic state, water will enter the cell, the cells It will be filled with too much water, causing cell swelling. If the concentration of body fluids inside and outside the same, will penetrate, but selective permeability, isotonic isobaric we say, that our products are of the osmotic pressure, is associated with cellular and humoral osmotic pressure equal, it does not cause Any change in the cells of the gastrointestinal tract, but nutrients easily go in, take the initiative to promote gastrointestinal cells absorb nutrients.

OPC concept

The great scientific discoveries in 1986 French scientist Masquelier Boshi Jack Masquelier received his life the most important discovery - extracted from red grape seed and pine bark out cofactor vitamin C has a strong free radical scavenging effect, and create A new word Oligomric proantho cyanidins referred OPC, formally known as proanthocyanidins polyphenols. OPC established position in the world. To study the biological effects of OPC, Masquelier Boshi dedicated most of his life. Scientists and medical experts around the world agree that Masquelier Boshi scientific research is one of the world's most significant discoveries in the history of medicine. The OPC investigators named: anti-scurvy second factor (C2 factor).

Brief Introduction

Daily- Super OPC is extracted from red grape seeds out of the material - bioflavonoids (polyphenols). It is a necessity for human life, it can help the body to maintain better health. Extracted from various plants in the world came out of OPC (polyphenols) have more than four thousand kinds, and extracted from red grape seeds out Daily- - Super OPC (polyphenols) effect is most obvious.

Daily- Super OPC containing more than 95% "Feng that Pycnogenol" (Pycnogenol), is the most potent natural antioxidants ever discovered.

After Daily- super OPC into the body, it can build in the target organ plays a powerful defense against free radicals, prevent free radical attack on the human body, which acts as the body's most important genetic material - gene (DNA) umbrella. Meanwhile, Daily- super OPC also play a role in its strong free radical scavenging, scavenging free radicals to maximize harm to the human body.

Ability Daily- super OPC powder is five times the free radical scavenging vitamin E, vitamin C is twenty times. Its special effects with the market average of OPC capsules or tablets effect is quite different. Daily- Super OPC powder in granules dissolved components is very small, the unit is only five thousand of human red blood cells, it can completely dissolve in water, not in the stomach after taking Kurume, directly into the small intestine, the body 100 can be %absorb. After taking 20 minutes, the blood can be detected and maintained in vivo efficacy for up seventy-two hours.

Daily- Super OPC in France, Italy known drugs, and has a unique effect! In Europe known within the oral cosmetic tune!


Daily-OPC Specific features: to prevent the generation of free radicals, capture and eliminate free radicals and repair damage three unique effect caused by free radicals.

OPC antioxidants workflow

1, the normal hydrogen atom only four pairs of electrons, atoms in the body's normal metabolism enables a loss of electrons, thus forming free radicals, mainly through snatch electrons from other molecules on leaving their pairing.

2, when the radical capture an electron from the cell membrane after, it creates another new free radicals, and started the chain reaction.

3, the electronic capture chain reaction erosion membranes, resulting in the loss of cellular integrity, for cancer and other diseases open the door.

4, Daily - OPC antioxidants due to its special molecular structure, antioxidants can give an electronic radicals, while itself not form harmful chain reaction can lead to dangerous substances.

Daily OPC main components:

Noni (Noni Fruit): Also known as "enzyme king"; Resvertrol (resveratrol); Red Wine Extract (red wine extract); Bilberry Extract (bilberry extract); Lycopene (Lycopene).


1. Empty stomach, do not eat and drink after taking sugary drinks within 30 minutes, it is recommended before going to sleep or the morning after taking.

2. 2 times a day, with 60ml warm water (50 ℃ -60 ℃), each 3g (a bottle), stir taking.

3. First time using this service, the first week of each 6g (two caps), twice a day, every day after 3g.

4. Auxiliary ease: once a day, every 6 grams (two caps), for three months as a course.

5. This product with the Daily HGH (human growth hormone) taking better.

Net weight: 100g per bottle powder.