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American Nutrition Science Research Center


American Nutrition Science Research Center is the US national research institution, founded in 1945, engaged in various branches of the US state of health, physical statistics. Since the 1950s began to provide nutrition services for the US Special servicemen physical health. As Air Force pilot, navy diving soldiers, special field army; 1960s NASA (NASA) as a quasi-military professional health services. July 17, 1969 United States Nutritional Science Research Center developed OPC products follow the "Apollo" moon landing space for the astronauts to relieve fatigue plays an active role to enhance the antibody. 70s engaged in bio-engineering science of nutrition. In the early 1990s America Super Nutrition Science Research Center of isotonic OPC isobaric technology has been an unprecedented development, and to excellence in quality and extraordinary effectiveness proud home of the world's top spot, is a global leader in the industry.

(Nutriscienceresearch)US nutrition science research center, has more than two thousand of America's top medical researchers, formation of an expert group of human anti-aging research aspects oxide, has the world's most advanced research equipment, production developed the Daily- super OPC (latest generation) series, Daily series is the world's most sophisticated effectiveness of health care products, but also to enter the Chinese super antioxidant anti-aging notable features of the product.


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